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Meet The Team: Birdleaf

startlabGalway Meet The Team: Birdleaf

Meet The Team: Birdleaf

Our goal at Birdleaf is to make marketing more personal and effective at scale. When most companies acquire a new customer online they typically get little more than an email address to identify them by. But despite the cost of acquiring that email it tells them almost nothing about who that person really is. This makes personalising the experience, and handling different customers appropriately, very difficult. Generic marketing messages are sent to all signups, which has dramatically lower conversion rates, and key signups can slip by unnoticed. This lack of insight into each customer results in ineffective marketing spend, missed opportunities and lost revenue.

Birdleaf solves this problem by providing customer insights at scale. We automatically research new customer or lead email addresses, analyse this information, and categorise each individual into a customer segment. This enables sales and marketing teams to send more targeted and appropriate messages, and automatically see

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