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Meet The Team: ExerWise

startlabGalway Meet The Team: ExerWise

Meet The Team: ExerWise

ExerWise is developing a wearable activity tracker for children to encourage them to meet their recommended daily physical activity levels

ExerWise is developing silicone, water resistant band for the wrist, similar to a watch, which will track a child’s activity throughout the day providing them with visual feedback on reaching their activity goals with the use of changing LEDs. The band will interface with an app allowing a child to see their progress and allow parents to monitor their child’s activity levels. The activity goal on the band will be set to an average child’s RDA of 60 minutes. The app also provides a parent with the opportunity to change and set the device’s activity goal to more appropriate levels e.g. 40 minutes of activity, in the case of children with debilitating conditions who may not be able to reach 60 minutes, or likewise extend the timed goal to a longer period of time, allowing the child to spend more time being physically active.

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