an incubator programme built from the ground up to educate, connect and scale tech startups. Each program runs for a 6 month period where startups meet with key speakers, coaches and mentors to help grow and scale their company.

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Meet The Team: HappyTech

startlabTeams Cohort Two Meet The Team: HappyTech

Meet The Team: HappyTech

A unique learning interface for technology companies to access training and development resources for their teams and managers. The individual user navigates through the system with the support of a chatbot called NEO. NEO is an artificial intelligence system that uses natural language processing and machine learning to develop a relationship with the individual. Through the conversation, NEO brings relevant content direct to the user in a time bound manner that schedules appointments within the individual’s calendar. This process ensures the user takes the time to engage in learning on a weekly basis while ensuring a reflective space is honoured and that the individual commits to learning which is needs led, evidence-informed and outcomes focused. The process of engaging with NEO helps the individual uncover outcomes, goals and needs so that the system can direct them to high quality curated content that the team develop and source based on the customer’s needs