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Meet The Team: Couture Intel

startlabGalway Meet The Team: Couture Intel

Meet The Team: Couture Intel is essentially a price and currency comparison site. We are TripAdvisor meets Skyscanner meets GoCompare

Today we can instantly search for information, book a hotel and a flight from anywhere in the world and on any web enabled device. We have the power to search for the best price right at our fingers tip and we are using that power and travelling further and experiencing more than ever before. With this change we as a society are no longer local but a globally mobile society without boundaries.
The global luxury goods market was worth 240 billion euro in 2014 and projected to rise by 18% by 2018. Knockanes Technology Limited trading as Couture Intel is a web based service provider offering users real time FX converted prices of high end goods all around the world. It is luxury goods comparison site portal that focuses on providing information on where and how to purchase designer and luxury goods at the best prices around the world in accordance with local exchange rates.

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